Jamaica Beach, TX Home Buyer Grant

Home buyer grant programs are a great choice for borrowers looking to buy but lack the down payment.  When Jamaica Beach, Texas home buyers need assistance we have options.  Conventional and FHA grant programs are available in Jamaica Beach, TX.  Grants are available for first time buyers and those who have bought in the past. Find out if you are eligible for the Jamaica Beach grant program by calling 888-416-4805. Down payment assistance experts are standing by and ready to help.  Connect with a licensed Grant specialist, ask questions, see what cities qualify, and get free quotes.

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Finding the Perfect Home Loan

Thousands of consumers across Jamaica Beach, TX are ready for home ownership.  Securing the right home loan doesn’t have to be hard, we have solutions for less than perfect credit and even those with little savings or down payment. To help home buyers in Jamaica Beach overcome challenges we offer more programs and the extra benefit of wholesale rates.  We simplify the home buying and refinancing challenges presented by 2023 Jamaica Beach mortgage guidelines. Our mission is to get you approved for a home buyer grant in Jamaica Beach and into your home with payments you can afford. Even if you think you won’t qualify, our highly trained specialists will work with you closely on an individual basis to:

  • Review your finances to see what you can afford.
  • Improve your credit score if needed to qualify.
  • Obtain pre-approval to shop for your dream home.
  • Secure a loan and purchase your new home!

Working around Credit Issues with Top Rated Specialists

Our home buyer grant team is celebrating its 25th year in business.  Our experience allows for consumer mortgage confidence especially with Jamaica Beach first time home buyers.  We navigate consumers through the mortgage process,  explain options and find what choice works best for you. We specialize in more than just home buyer grants.  Check out consumer USDA options, FHA loans and our Bad credit home loan options.

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    Grant Benefits

    • 580 Credit Score Required
    •  Grant is completely forgiven – no repayment required!
    •  Grant can be used for down payment
    •  Seller Credit of 6% is allowed
    •  Gift funds are allowed!
    •  Borrower(s) not required to be First Time Homebuyers.
    •  Income limit is based on qualifying income used for transaction, not household income.

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    Jamaica Beach is a city in Galveston County, Texas, United States on Galveston Island. As of the 2010 census, the city’s population was 983.[5] the city is bordered by Galveston to the east and west, the east bay on the north and the Gulf of Mexico to the south.

    Prior to its development, Jamaica Beach was a burial ground of the Karankawa people. Johnny Goyen and Earl Galceran of the Jamaica Corporation developed Jamaica Beach as a 2,000-lot resort subdivision in close proximity to a marina.[6] The individuals who were a part of the development effort were Goyen, Galceran, brothers Jack and Welcome Wilson, Bill Sherrill, and Jack Valenti. They acquired an area of 320 acres (130 ha) that was owned by the Moody family. An oil businessperson named R.E. “Bob” Smith decided not to be a partner in the development, but he purchased the Moody land and sold it to the developers. He did not ask for any down payments and he guaranteed a $250,000 bank loan. Initially, the beachfront lots, each 90 feet (27 m), were sold for $3,500 apiece. The “second row” houses sold at a quick pace. As the subsequent rows of houses opened to sale, the sales figures decreased slowly because while wealthy people were easily able to acquire second houses, middle class homebuyers were unable to get a mortgage, and needed to pay for the homebuilding with cash.[7]