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The USDA Home loan is a great choice for borrowers looking to buy a home with NO MONEY DOWN.  When home buyers hear USDA rural they often think of farms or underdeveloped areas.  In most cases you can find USDA eligible properties just outside of major cities.  USDA is creating loans all across the country, including suburban towns that are anything but rural. In fact, in some states like Texas, the vast majority of the state is eligible for USDA loans. Find out if a property is Knollwood village, Texas is USDA home eligible by calling 888-416-4805. USDA home loan experts are standing by and ready to help.  Connect with a licensed Texas USDA specialist, ask questions, see what cities qualify, and get free quotes.

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Finding the Perfect Home Loan

Thousands of consumers in Knollwood village, TX are ready for home ownership.  Securing the right home loan doesn’t have to be hard, we have solutions for less than perfect credit and even those with little savings or down payment. To help Knollwood village home buyers overcome challenges we offer more programs and the extra benefit of wholesale rates.  We simplify the home buying and refinancing challenges presented by 2023 Knollwood village, TX mortgage guidelines. At USDA Rural.Mortgage, our mission is to get you approved for a Knollwood village, Texas USDA mortgage and into your home with payments you can afford. Even if you think you won’t qualify, our highly trained specialists will work with you closely on an individual basis to:

  • Review your finances to find a payment you can afford.
  • Improve your credit score if needed to qualify.
  • Obtain pre-approval to shop for a USDA Eligible Home.
  • Secure a loan and purchase your new home!

Working around Credit Issues with Top Rated Specialists

The USDA Rural Mortgage team is celebrating its 25th year in business.  Our experience allows for consumer mortgage confidence especially with Knollwood village, TX first time home buyers.  We navigate consumers through the mortgage process,  explain options and find what choice works best for you. We specialize in more than just USDA rural mortgage loans.  Check out consumer home buyer GRANT options, FHA loans and our Refinance options. Buy a Home or Refinance – Face to face, Apply Online or By Phone 888-416-4805.

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    USDA Benefits

    • No down payment required
    • Low 30 year fixed rate
    • 102% financing (100% plus the guarantee fee that can be financed or paid for by the seller)
    • Can finance closing costs if appraisal above sales price
    • Competitive rates (as set by the underwriting lenders)
    • Minimal mortgage insurance required
    • No cash contribution required from borrower
    • Gift Funds Allowed
    • No maximum loan amount (although there are family income limits)
    • No reserves required
    • Streamlined credit approval for scores above 640
    • Can refinance an existing USDA loan to get a better interest rate if available

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    Knollwood Village is a subdivision in Houston, Texas. It is managed by the Knollwood Village Civic Club (KVCC), which governs Knollwood Village sections 1-10 and Braes Terrace II.

    The site that is currently Knollwood Village originally housed Main Street Airport. Flori Meeks of the Houston Chronicle stated that it was “dated at least to the early 1930s.”[1] According to David Fitts, who once served as the president of the KVCC, the first houses were built between 1951 and 1953.[1] The airport closed in 1952. Fitts stated that the KVCC formed in 1953 and the constitution of the civic club was signed on June 18 of that year.[1] Heather Saucier of the Houston Chronicle wrote that in the community, the rumor was that it was named after a knoll “because the area rarely flooded.”[2] Knollwood Village predates the 610 Loop and the Houston Astrodome. According to Meeks at the time Knollwood Village, “was in what was considered the outer boundaries of Houston.”[1]